NAFEM 2019 – Bally

The focus of this installment of the Miller NAFEM 2019 blog series is the best walk-in manufacturer in the country, Bally Refrigerated Boxes

At this year’s NAFEM, Bally had a plethora of new or upgraded products to showcase and talk to us about. On the outside of their booth facing the aisle, they were showcasing their walk-in doors. Namely, they were showcasing their new black stainless finish that softens the look of the box and appeals to a more retail-oriented market, as well as a wood veneer finish that will appeal to end users that want something a little more customer facing. Also new and showcased at the Bally booth this year was the SmartVap+ controller for the walk-ins, which give the end users a lot more control and easy access to the health of the refrigeration system, and reporting options that the end user or service company might want so they can see how the system is functioning.

ABS bumper rails have also been added to the box, which Bally expertly showcased with the use of decals on the inside of their showroom box. These decals gave patrons at the convention the opportunity to see the technology that powers these products underneath the structure and foam and side panels. Bally was very focused on education the attendees on just how their product works and why they are the best in the industry. Michael Beachkofsky, Bally’s National Sales Manager & Director of Business Development and Marketing, talked to us about the importance of supplemental software and how these tools help them work with the customers to get the best possible product for them.

“We do a lot of design, build, and construction. So we’ve launched some tools through Revit,” Beachkofsky said. “A full Revit tool family for walk-ins that gives the consultants and the designers and architects full design capability [with] a few basic, easy to use tools. We’ve also launched a few AutoCAD tools for the people that are designing in there and, with the help of KCL, we’ve launched custom blocks. So that allows design-build dealers and representatives who are working directly with customers to take their notepads out and actually do a real 3D design, a basic 3D drawing design right in front of the customer in a matter of minutes to get that instant satisfaction and make sure we’re all talking on the same page.”

Beachkofsky also talked about the importance of NAFEM for kitchen equipment manufacturers.

“It’s a relationship business and it’s a relationship industry, so this is critically important to us. It’s face-to-face times with our factory reps. We help set the tone for the next two years of what we’re talking about [and] why we’re talking about it. The same way, we get to see old friends, meet new people; whether it’s customer or dealers or end users…You just don’t have the opportunity to have the product and the breadth and depth that we have here and other meetings that happen throughout the year. So, you get a lot of hands-on, you meet a lot of people, you continue your relationships and that builds an opportunity and a bridge for us to grow for the next several years.”

Bally has dedicated themselves to proven dependability, great support, and post-sale care. They want their customers to know that they won’t bail after the sale is made and they will be there to answer any questions customers may have after the fact. Although I don’t expect many questions to be asked, because nothing beats a Bally!

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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor