NAFEM 2019 – Alto-Shaam

Welcome to yet another installment in the Miller & Associates NAFEM blog series. This entry will focus on one of the biggest kitchen equipment manufacturers in the industry: Alto-Shaam.

At this year’s convention, Alto-Shaam was focused on presenting their new self-cleaning rotisserie oven. After spending approximately three to four years perfecting it for release, the self-cleaning rotisserie is ready to be shown to the world. Not only does the unit present opportunities for faster throughput of product, with a four-pound chicken at about a 55-minute cook time, but also opportunities for labor savings as well. At the end of the workday after all the cooking has been completed, employees can throw a couple of cleaning tablets into the oven and start the self-cleaning cycle. The cycle takes about three hours, but fear not, users can leave the machine running and the unit will automatically shut off when the cycle has completed. This process makes for a cleaner machine, opportunity for more product made during the day, and happier employees and managers.

The self-cleaning rotisserie isn’t the only product Alto-Shaam was pushing at NAFEM, though. The Vector series of ovens, which was unveiled at the last NAFEM convention, is still a big showcased unit that Alto-Shaam continues to see a lot of success with. While Alto-Shaam does typically sell in all facets of the food service industry successfully, the Vector has helped them see an increase in sales to the c-store market, with the unit selling like gangbusters to c-store chains like Love’s Travel Stops. This increase in sales is in no small part thanks to the opportunities that a convention like NAFEM provides for kitchen equipment manufacturers like Alto-Shaam. Executive Chef and Regional Culinary Manager for Alto-Shaam Ryan Norman spoke to us briefly about the importance of conventions like NAFEM in the food service industry.

“It’s really good for us on a couple of different levels. So, you know, this is an opportunity for a lot of our dealer partners to come and actually see the gear [and] kind of kick the tires,” Norman said. “It also gives them an opportunity to bring their customers and show their customers what our product looks like before they might purchase it. You know, we make a lot of large cooking equipment. It’s not typically something that you might see in a dealer showroom. So, they either have to come to our test kitchen, or they can come to a show like this and see our entire product line under one roof. On the other side of it, we have a lot of our consultant partners come and we introduce our new product to them, kind of walk them through what we’re doing maybe a little different. It just gives us an opportunity to strengthen those relationships.”

Relationships are important for a good business, and so is quality. Alto-Shaam’s name and brand is definitely synonymous with quality: they’re an American, family-owned and operated company that builds all of their equipment in the USA, and that equipment is robust, heavy duty, and dependable. Alto-Shaam thrives on this quality.

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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor