NAFEM 2019 – Alegacy

In the foodservice industry three things are key: reliability, durability, and innovation. As it says on their website, these three things are very important to Alegacy and they have strived since their start in 1947 to be the best in all three categories. At this year’s NAFEM convention, Alegacy was showcasing a plethora of over 450 new products having to do with plastics, as well as a new line of chafers that will compare to their current line of U.S. made chafers. The Miller team stopped by Alegacy’s booth and spoke with sales director Les Palmer about the growth of their company and the benefits that come with being a U.S. manufacturer.

“As far as the company goes, last year was probably one of the best years in the history because of growth and because of things that are going on in the market with China and so forth like that,” Palmer said of the company. “Being a U.S. manufacturer we’re able to pick up a lot of new things we didn’t have access to because of pricing. The spreads are getting a lot less now between a U.S. product and an import product. So, basically, as our reps go out into the markets, they’re able to bring up the point that…before it was 7 – 11% now it’s 3%, would [the customer] rather go with categories that are higher in quality and pay that extra 3%. So, it has been a really good increase for that as well as our international business, because we sell in 42 different countries.”

Alegacy is one of the oldest members of NAFEM and they always have a big turnout at the show not only from their domestic reps and customers, but from their overseas reps as well. These outside reps have an opportunity with the NAFEM show to come and see Alegacy’s products and people in person, which they normally wouldn’t be able to do. Their reach gets larger and larger every year thanks to the opportunities that NAFEM provides.

Quality is very important to Alegacy as a premier small wares brand and it shows in the high-quality materials that they use to make their products. With Alegacy, customers will always get the best product at the best price and with the best durability. Customers can count on them to give their best and the team at Miller & Associates will be excited to see what they unveil at the next NAFEM show.

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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor