NAFEM 2019 – Chowbotics

In this addition of the Miller NAFEM blog series, we will focus on Chowbotics, the manufacturer responsible for one of the hottest new items on the market right now, Sally the Salad Robot.
This was year was an exciting one for the Chowbotics team because this was the company’s first time at NAFEM, and what was described as a “coming out party” of sorts for Sally. For those reading who may not have heard of this groundbreaking invention yet, Sally the Salad Robot is the world’s first automated vending machine that dispenses fresh food, namely salads and other fresh food bowls of the like. Sally contains 22 individual containers and gives customers the ability to make and customize their own acai bowls, grain bowls, salads, or even yogurt parfaits. Right now, the people at Chowbotics are really seeing a lot of success in the healthcare, hospitality, and B&I markets. While these markets are considered Sally’s “sweet spot,” Chowbotics is also continuing to see interest from many college campuses, due to the allure that Sally’s new technology brings to the table.
At this year’s NAFEM show, Chowbotics did not have a very large booth, but they certainly saw the foot traffic that many of the bigger booths were seeing. With constant demonstrations and networking happening, the booth stayed constantly occupied and busy. The Miller team spoke with Chowbotics’ Southeast Regional Manager Dennis Lock about NAFEM and how it has helped people see what they’d already heard so much about.
“We get to be seen by a lot of people,” Lock said. “What we’re finding today, in particular, is that there are a number of customers coming over to see Sally for the first time. So far, no one’s come over that hadn’t heard of Sally. So, we’re not getting a lot of walk-by traffic that is ‘oh, what’s that?’ We’re getting people that are seeking her out. So, for this, this really gives our customers an opportunity to see, touch, feel, and really get the full Sally experience…It’s not the easiest thing to take Sally to someone. So, to have them come to see us and seek us out and go through the full demo, it’s fantastic.”
The people at Chowbotics wanted people to walk away from their booth at NAFEM this year thinking that Sally was better than they had heard. From the turnout they got, it’s safe to say they got what they wanted.

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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor