Nemco Food Equipment: A Better Food Prep Solution

Food preparation is arguably the most important part of the food service process. Improper food preparation could lead to uneven portions, uneven cooking throughout a dish or, on the more serious side of things, food-born illnesses creeping their way into the dishes that are being served to the customer. Food prep can also be dangerous. If you’re not careful (like I tend not to be), you can end up hurting yourself; chopping off a finger is not good for your health or the food you are preparing. Nemco Food Equipment aims to solve all the problems you may have with food prep while making it fun and convenient.

Nemco’s beginnings date back to 1976, when Earl Neidhart and his sons Ed and Neil established a small machine shop in Hicksville, Ohio, naming it NEMCO as an acronym for Neidhart Engineering and Manufacturing Company. Since then they have expanded into a national food prep equipment supplier, with equipment ranging from a simple food slicer up to more complex machinery like shrimp cutters/deveiners and cleaning wells. The people at Nemco are known for being innovators for new food prep equipment solutions that make labor intensive preparation faster and more cost efficient; creating innovative solutions such as the spiral fry cutter in their early days and helping out greatly in markets like c-stores, offering hot dog rollers, bun warmers, food merchandisers, and even waffle makers.

            Nemco looks out for their customers through every step of the purchasing process and even beyond. Before any piece of equipment even leaves the factory, specialists perform a 9-Point Resolute Inspection for Performance, Reliability, Fit & Finish. This includes making sure that all knobs, handles and pins are firmly in place, that the blade integrity is good (meaning no misalignment, no damage, etc.), and even down to the smallest cosmetic detail. If any problem arises, assembly team workers have the right to stop the line until all issues are resolved. Even post-purchase, Nemco continues to be a leader in customer service and post-purchase help. Miller & Associates’ Houston area sales rep Daniel Bonilla talks about the quality of Nemco’s customer service team.

“Although many other companies compete with Nemco’s unique products, many end users continue to choose Nemco for their proven track record on equipment and customer service. Customer service goes well beyond simply delivering on a promise. After the fact, the team at Nemco strives in an ongoing process of continuous improvement to maximize their satisfaction in savings and maximization in customer satisfaction and return on investment.”

 Even today, Nemco continues to release new products that innovate and help the everyday end user save money and time, having just unveiled a new line of food processers at the NAFEM show in early February. Whatever your food prep needs may be, Nemco has your back


Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor
Daniel Bonilla
Daniel Bonilla