NAFEM 2019 – Champion

Dishwashing dynamite Champion Industries is the focus of this installment of the Miller & Associates NAFEM blog series. Let’s take a look at what Champion had to offer at this year’s convention.

Champion had a few different new things on display at NAFEM 2019.They had the DH-6000-VHR, a high temperature door machine, with a new HMI controller and an optionable onboard detergent delivery system; a unique feature for a unit like that. They were also showcasing a new blower dryer for their rack conveyor machine. This new blower dryer has a smaller footprint, coming in a 33-inch size as opposed to the older 48-inch model. This new smaller footprint design will help create more clean space on tables for end users. Most exciting, however, is the new Pro series 64 machine that was unveiled at NAFEM this year. This is a brand new two-tank machine, a new concept that Champion is trying out with their Pro series of dishwashers.

Champion has had a good year when it comes to breaking into new markets, we talked with Champion Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region Chris Richelieu about their big deal with Chik-fil-A and how that’s helped them break into a new market.

“We’ve really had a lot of awesome luck with Chik-fil-A,” Richelieu said. “That’s really put us on the quick-serve market segment with Chik-fil-A, one of the largest in the country, so we’re very, very excited about that and that’s ongoing. We see a lot of potential with smaller-tier chains based on having a flagship like Chik-fil-A using the DH-6000. So, we’re pretty excited about that and we’re basically going after the same segments: the healthcare segment, hospitality, lodging, hotel, casinos (we’ve had some good luck in Las Vegas, which is really good for us), healthcare, education, higher ed, and K-12. K-12 we’re pretty excited about, especially in the Texas market; replacing the existing Hobart machines out there.”

For Champion, NAFEM is the most exciting show in the industry, and they have good luck there. They’re able to show their product line off to designers and consultants from the West coast who would normally not get to check out the equipment in person. Everyone is gathered in one place, so they get to hit the most amount of people in a very short window of time. They’re able to show off the build of their machines, from the quality steel and copper that’s used to create the equipment, to the fact that their machines only have one seam instead of the more common two seamed machines, which has a greater chance of breaking and leaking over time, costing the end user major dollars in repair and replacement cost.

Results and quality along with a enticingly manageable cost of ownership is what drives consumers towards Champion dishwashers, and ultimately leads to the purchase of one of these brilliant machines. Champion is interested in not only making sure that customers get a quality product, but that they are well taken care of after the purchase and after the warranty has run out as well.

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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor