Welcome to yet another installment in the Miller NAFEM blog series! In this addition, we’ll be talking about the coffee and tea equipment manufacturer that knows just what you need to perk up in the morning, Grindmaster-Cecilware.

 At this year’s NAFEM convention, GMCW was showcasing a new line of frozen machines called SPM. These machines can dispense up to three different kinds of slushie as well as machines for a variety of ice cream that I got to try personally. Needless to say, I now have a bias towards these machines and GMCW. The new SPM slushie and ice cream machines are energy efficient and double wall constructed. Also new from GMCW, be on the lookout for a new line of coffee equipment with a new, long three-hour hold time.

GMCW will be a force to reckon with this year, and the Miller team stopped by their booth at NAFEM to ask their Director of Sales Reza McDaniel what new markets they see themselves breaking into with their new products.

“I think with the new coffee equipment, that’ll be groundbreaking with the technology we have,” McDaniel said. “Nobody has the technology we’re introducing. With the incapsulated air, the hold time on the coffee will be three hours plus. It’s been tested and proven that it’ll last that long without…deteriorating the flavor profile. With our new SPM line on the frozen and the ice cream that’ll be a nice segment to segue into for small coffee shops and restaurants with the ice cream. I think with the c-stores, the new coffee equipment and we have a new lineup also of cappuccino machine, semi-automatic cappuccino machines, with the Uniq line. That’s going to help us out with the c-store segment and coffee shop segment.”

NAFEM is a great venue to show these new and innovative products to not only the rep community, but to the consultant, dealer, and end user communities as well. GMCW is dedicated to quality products and will continue to innovate. We at Miller & Associates look forward to all the wonderful new things GMCW has in store.


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Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor