NAFEM 2019 – 3M

Hello, all and welcome to the first in a series of blog posts about the Miller & Associates family’s NAFEM booths from this year. The convention was a fun one this year and we just wanted to give everyone a look inside what was happening with each of our factories’ booths.
First up is 3M, who were celebrating their Reverse Osmosis system. The RO helps 3M’s customers adjust to the challenges presented by water quality in equipment like combi-ovens.  Not only does the RO help cut back on scale and corrosion, but in doing this it helps the equipment last longer, which means a lower cost in the long run for the customer.

NAFEM is a convention that brings the best in the industry together for a weekend of learning and showcasing the newest and greatest products. 3M Sales Executive Mickey Hess took a moment to talk to the Miller team about what a convention like NAFEM means for a factory like 3M.
“Well, NAFEM is a great event for us to get with the customers face to face and help them learn a little bit about us, but more importantly we can also learn about them and trends that may be happening or upcoming in the food service industry,” Hess said about the convention.
3M is a great brand that focuses on helping their customers get the best water quality in their equipment for the best value on filtration in the food service industry. Their motto is “Science Applied to Life” and we here at Miller & Associates believe that 3M stands behind that motto.
Each NAFEM blog post has a corresponding video on Miller & Associates’ YouTube page. You can watch 3M’s NAFEM video at the link below and look forward to the other NAFEM blog posts coming soon!

Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor