NAFEM 2019 – Walsh & Simmons

Hello and welcome to the final installment in the Miller NAFEM blog series! In this final installment we will be focusing on Walsh & Simmons, some of the best seating choices in the industry.

 At this year’s NAFEM convention, Walsh & Simmons wanted to focus on their entire catalogue and showcasing everything they had to offer, which included their Millwork capabilities. With a lot of options for barista walls, knee walls, community tables with LED lighting and much more, Walsh & Simmons has everything that any foodservice operation could ever need for their seating and counterwork needs. While Walsh & Simmons does mainly focus on chains, they see a lot of future opportunity with the quick-serve and higher end restaurant markets as well as non-food service areas such as offices and conference rooms. Walsh & Simmons is open to any and every operation that wants their amazing Millwork products.

The Miller team stopped by the Walsh & Simmons booth early on the first day of the convention to speak with National Sales Director Rebecca Lueken about NAFEM and what it means to manufacturers like Walsh & Simmons.

“Well, NAFEM is just a great opportunity,” Leuken said. “One: it’s a great opportunity to meet other manufacturers and see what the trends are and what they’re showcasing, what they’ve been doing for the last two years at the NAFEM before that. It’s a great opportunity for us to show off, if you will, you know. Put together a good booth; really be able to talk about what we can do, what we hope to do, how we can be a bigger part, how we can expand our footprint. Make Walsh & Simmons better known across the country.”

Walsh & Simmons is a fantastic manufacturer of anything seating, flooring, lighting, or counterwork. When asked what she would like for their customers to think of when they think of Walsh & Simmons, Lueken said this.

“Anything and everything. That’s really what I want them to think. I want them to think Walsh & Simmons, the whole front of house. I want to be able to manufacture the Millwork. I want the booths and the tables and the chairs, the barstools. We can combine that with our ability to warehouse lighting and flooring. So, I really just want to be the solution for anything front of house, that’s what I’d like for our customers to know.”



Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor

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