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Hello and welcome to another addition to the Miller NAFEM blog series! This time around we will be focusing on a manufacturer that has built their way up to being at the top of the food prep chain in the industry, Nemco.

In a big step forward for Nemco from manual to powered food prep, they partnered with Swedish food prep brand Hallde to make their first line of combi cutter food processors. These new dynamic machines are four-speed adjustable and have a wide array of swiss-army like attachments for cutting many different vegetable and cheese products. The processor works fast and minimizes stress on not only the food, but the blades as well. This ensures optimal food integrity and extended operational life for the product.

We went by the Nemco booth to ask Sales Manager for the Eastern region Chris Fisher about NAFEM and how this convention helps them put the word out about all of their exciting new products.

“Well, you know, a convention like this is really important for us,” Fisher said. “We have a lot of valued partners, such as Miller & Associates, that go out and deal with the end users, the chains, and things like that, but this does allow us some times to get some of that first-hand feedback from those customers while they’re walking through the booth and hear some of the needs and the interests that they have…they wouldn’t normally reach out to somebody and say, ‘hey, I have a need for this particular product,’ but as they’re walking through your booth and they see something similar, it prompts them to say ‘hey, what about this’ or ‘what about that?’ So, you know, we’re able to get some information and some feedback that, normally, we might not otherwise be able to [get.]”

Nemco prides themselves on a seamless customer service experience. When a customer purchases a Nemco product, they want that customer to not worry about potential problems. If one is to arise, they want to deal with the issue quickly and painlessly, so that when that customer needs another product, they won’t hesitate to choose Nemco again. With all the exciting things going and great people working at Nemco, Miller & Associates believes that won’t be a problem anytime soon.

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Mason Meyers
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