NAFEM 2019 – E-Control

It’s time for another Miller NAFEM 2019 blog! This time around, we’ll be focusing on a small product that packs a lot of punch, E-Control.
E-Control Systems is a manufacturer that makes sensors and monitoring equipment. Meaning their equipment is responsible for letting end users know how their product is doing, whether that be monitoring temp, gas levels, or anything in between. So, from the time the product is packed on the truck, to the time it is delivered, stored, cooked, and served. E-Control is making sure your product is healthy and lasts as long as it possibly can, and letting you know when something tries to interrupt that process.
We stopped by the E-Control booth at NAFEM and asked Vice President of Sales Terry Fischer what the convention means to a factory like theirs.
“Well, being a relatively small, relatively, privately held company it’s important for us to get to as many people as we can,” Fischer said. “There are only so many resources that are available to any organization, and when you can come to a NAFEM show, and you know it’s a big show because it’s every two years and it brings people from all across the country and all across the globe and provides us with an opportunity to introduce new technology. We are a technology-based company. For us, being the industry leader and on the cutting edge of new and improved technology is extremely important and for us to get that message out there, NAFEM is a great tool.”
E-Control has been in business for 21 years, and for a tech-based company 21 years of business means a lot of growth, change, and adaptation to current trends and technology. E-Control has done a great job of doing just that and continues to grow not only in their tech, but in their markets as well, with more and more chains and K-12 districts hopping on the E-Control wagon. Customer satisfaction is very important to E-Control Systems as a company and they strive to not only deliver a product that works, but service that product even after the sale. They are a company that delivers what they promise and stand by their product.

Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor

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