Marketing Insight for the Food Service Industry


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Anyone can sell insurance, real estate, cars, etc. But why do they? When you define the “why”, you can start infusing that into all that you do.

We are constantly marketing ourselves, both personally and professionally – even if we are unaware, we are still doing so. This is why we need to be mindful and intentional about marketing to avoid others defining who we are and what we’re about. In acknowledging this, we can make the most of every opportunity we have to define who we are.

In an era where information, choices and alternate options are just a few clicks away, we must consistently be sending messages that compel others to stick with us. Those messages are not limited to words or esthetics – a cool logo is a fantastic start, but it doesn’t sell what you offer. Your passion, people, product, reputation and services are more visible and carry more marketing weight than any symbol or any website. Creating opportunities for your customers to succeed has a direct effect on your success.

So what does marketing success look like in the Food Service Industry?

In general, building marketing stature for a commodity type product can be difficult. This requires a greater emphasis on your services and your product. If your product is substandard and you can’t get it there on time, no marketing program can change that. Customers who buy commodity items from you are more than likely going to buy other products you sell – from somebody. Develop programs that create value for your customer to consider your entire product offering. Show the advantages they’ll have in areas such as logistics, purchasing, service and other methods your market may dictate.

But most products we sell are far beyond commodity products. Success demands a strategic plan to assure we are in the specifications, that we use our product knowledge to accurately quote projects, that our prices are competitive, that our relationships with all involved are second-to-none, that our products are on the jobsite when needed and that we have top-notch service after the sale. We constantly partner with our manufactures to develop programs and promotions that create exposure of their products. Some of the exposure is broad, such as website features or regional trade shows, while many are targeted to specific industries or customers – taking advantage of current market conditions and construction opportunities.

Miller & Associates represents many manufacturers in the Texas and Oklahoma region that produce some of the most respected, innovative and reliable products in the food service industry. It’s satisfying to walk into an establishment that has our products, knowing not only has our manufacture succeeded, but every person that works with that product is now setup for success as well. That’s the “why” behind what we do at Miller & Associates.

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