NAFEM 2019 – Salvajor

In the newest addition to the NAFEM blog series, we’ll be talking about the manufacturer that makes the best food waste disposals you can find today, Salvajor.

The Salvajor booth at this year’s NAFEM convention was a spectacular display of everything Salvajor has to offer, old and new. Of the new items, the most exciting was by far the water savings package. This new operator sensor gives a demand/control situation for their disposer packages and provides an 80% water savings when the operator steps away from the disposer. When that happens, the unit starts a timed run feature that will automatically shut the disposer, the control panel, and the water supply to the disposer off entirely, leaving it open for the operator to start back up manually whenever they come back. Salvajor has also reduced the need for two solenoids so that now only one is needed which has reduced a unit that used to cost around $900 list to only $498 list. The WSP can be retrofitted to any ARSS or ARSSLD control panel that is 2014 or newer. Salvajor is a very strong brand in the industry. In 2019, they will focus on continuing to be the best at what they do best and capitalize on the markets they already operate in with the new WSP operator sensor.

The Miller team stopped by the Salvajor booth to talk to National Sales Manager Jim Ottmer about NAFEM and the importance a convention like NAFEM holds for the industry and manufacturers.

“NAFEM provides the opportunity for us to really show what we are, who we are, and how we go about doing things,” Ottmer said of the convention. “NAFEM has always been a great advocate for the manufacturing side, and it’s been an important component that brings everyone together in an industry that needs a lot of togetherness. So, you’ve got service agents, you have dealers, you have consultants, you have manufacturers, and end users all in one place to talk about one thing and that’s food service equipment.”

When customers think Salvajor, we hope that they thing quality craftsmanship and a company that still hand-polishes every disposer before it goes into the box. Salvajor does not use robots, they use real people. Think of them more as a craft brewery or distillery and less so like a big corporate conglomeration. They are family owned and operated for three generations and will continue to be for generation to come.

Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor