NAFEM 2019 – Federal

It’s time for another Miller NAFEM blog! In this installment we will talk about the cool new things going on with the best merchandiser manufacturer in the industry: Federal.

Federal had a lot of new equipment to showcase at this year’s NAFEM. First off was the brand-new addition to the RSSM series, the RSSM3078. A 30” wide by 78” tall completely refrigerated merchandiser with four shelves. A companion to that is the new TSSM tabletop model. This new model gives the customer the affordability of a smaller space if their space is limited as well as the ability to sell refrigerated impulse products. Also new is an exciting line meant for merchandising growlers. Federal Sales Manager Randy Naffin took a moment to talk to us about this new product.

“We’re also marketing our Elements series cases for growlers,” Naffin said. “The craft brewing industry has been a catalyst for years and the idea here is to show a new marketplace that the availability for people to get pre-packaged growler beer out of one of our Federal merchandisers.”

obably the most exciting new development from Federal at this year’s show was the new heated merchandiser. This new HSSM series of open-air heated merchandisers sees Federal foraying into new territory and adding a companion line to go with their refrigerated curved glass RSSM line. Naffin noted that the new line is a great potential seller for Federal, with many K-12 districts showing interest in getting an HSSM to go with their already purchased RSSMs for a cohesive look side by side.

Federal’s booth at the NAFEM show was definitely one of the busiest on the floor, with Federal representatives constantly jumping from one person to the next, answering questions and showcasing everything that they have to offer. Naffin, between speaking to people, spoke with us about why NAFEM is such a needed show in the industry.

“Well, number one is it’s a great educational forum for us to see all of our reps together and be able to talk to them about our new launches,” Naffin said. “So we can introduce you to the new series of products that [are] coming out. Number two, for us, I think it’s a great catalyst, as well, for customers to see the product live. [The] spec sheet says a lot. However, being able to see, touch, and feel that product here at a show really gives them the understanding of what they can see and how they can see this in their operation.”

With all of these wonderful new innovations from Federal as well as their new website that launched on April 1, Federal has proven that they are and will continue to be devoted to craftsmanship, quality, and reliability.

You can check out Federal’s new website here:

Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor

Federal Industries – The leader in fresh food merchandising

Greg Morris

For more than 90 years, Federal Industries’ hallmark stands for precision craftsmanship and industry leading innovation for fresh foods merchandising display cases.  Product presentation is the key to profit. Federal’s line of specialty display merchandisers brings the product to the customer in any setting. Combining craftsmanship with visual appeal, Federal works with space and design to enhance a store’s interior while meeting merchandising needs.


One of the largest growing segments in food service is grab-and-go food offerings. As a result of this overall food segment growth trend, we as sales reps see an increasing demand for display cases that are both eye-catching and energy efficient.

As a parent of 3 kids involved in lots of sports and other activities, our family seems to be on the run most of the time, and a perfect example of this need for good food on the go. While we all love a good fast food burger and fries, we find ourselves eating out so often, we are often looking for something different. As parents we are in a constant search for our kids to eat healthier food offerings, and traditionally it has been tough to find good, fresh, healthy food choices on the run.

Nearly every segment across the food service industry has recognized this huge demand, and all are looking for ways to attract customers as a destination place for their next quick meal. Grocery retailers have been leaders in this segment over the years, offering more and more options for quick meals to take home. These retailers not only offer fresh food in their deli display areas, but they also display the same fresh food, hot and cold, in display merchandisers near the front of the store and next to the cash register for quick and easy, impulse buys.

Restaurants have joined this trend, as many quick serve and fast casual restaurants have implemented grab-and-go merchandisers in their stores with prepared fresh sandwiches, salads, fruits, and drink offerings.   This allows many customers to grab a quick but still fresh meal, or entice customers to add to their purchase with an easy impulse buy.

Convenience stores see this trend as a huge opportunity to expand foodservice as a focal point of their operations. Grab-and-go food was a long time afterthought or last resort option for the operator as well as the customer. Now, operators are finding ways to meet the quick and convenient time demand of customers by enticing them with a variety of fresh, healthy, tasty, and visually appealing food items, both hot and cold. The keys to this growing segment are these fresh food items along with the display cases to merchandise and enhance the appeal of these food offerings. This combination attracts the customers to take notice and drive sales, both on impulse and for repeat customers as a destination.

As a target customer to this growing trend, I know grab-and-go has become a go to option for our family running from one game to the next; we can pick up good quality, fresh salads, sandwiches, and pizza that taste good and our “picky eating” kids even request to eat.