NAFEM 2019 – Unified Brands

Welcome to a new installment in the Miller NAFEM blog series! This time around the factory we’re focusing on is actually five different factories combined into one! The five factories Randell, Groen, Avtec, Power Soak, and A la Carte all work under the Unified Brands umbrella.

One of the big new things that UB had to show at this year’s NAFEM convention was their new line of refrigeration systems, which all models are switching to either a 290 or a 513 model number. All of their refrigeration systems are now snap compliant and are using all-natural refrigerants. They also all feature new electronic controls and new drain systems for easier and more precise use and control as well as better energy efficiency across the board. Another new thing this year is their new blast chillers, which now include touch screen controls. In the age of iPads and smartphones, Unified Brands is moving in the innovative direction of touch screen controls for fast and easy use.

While we were at the UB booth, we took some time to speak with Refrigeration Specialist for Randell Dave Rademacher about the upcoming year’s sales and what they are doing to ensure a successful 2019 for UB.

“We’re getting heavier into the retail side of the business with more focus in the retail market, but as far as solidifying ourselves in the markets we’re already in we’re doing that through being prepared for the new regulations that are being put in place with the refrigeration systems, stuff like that. So, just trying to be ahead of the curve and, you know, be leaders in that side of the market.”

Rademacher went on the describe the NAFEM convention as a great way for people to get a real hands on experience with all of the new and exciting products being introduced as well as existing products that they might not have gotten to get that kind of experience with before. At NAFEM, people have the opportunity to look at more than just a spec sheet or watching a webinar, they are getting to learn and mess around with these products first hand.

When you buy Unified Brands, whether that be Groen, Randell, A la Carte, Power Soak, or Avtec, the teams at Miller and UB would like you think of a quality, dependable product. Something that you will be able to rely on for a long time and a customer service team that will take your needs seriously.

Mason Meyers
Mason Meyers, Editor

Cook Chill – Flexibility in the Food Service Industry

Dave Rogers

Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of food preparation designed to provide flexibility in food service. Operators cook food ahead of time, rapidly chill when in a controlled storage temperature (for up to 5 days) and reheat when needed. This is a safe method if following HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) methods.

This is popular with hotels, restaurants and banquet facilities. Why is Cook-Chill such a good idea for food service?

  • This allows you to cook and prepare in slow times.
  • This can help you lower food costs by taking advantage of specials and putting them on the menu for several days.
  • Operators can do their prep work ahead of time and spend more quality time with their guests knowing everything is ready to go.
  • If the guest count goes up or down during the day it is not a 911 issue as the food is already prepared and ready to go.
  • Less food waste as portions can be measured and weighed properly in off peak times.

How does Alto-Shaam help with Cook-Chill menus? Your friends at Alto-Shaam have the majority of equipment you need to put a Cook-Chill system in place.

  • We offer equipment for primary cooking like convection ovens, combi’s, rotisseries and cook and hold cabinets.
  • We offer blast chillers for rapidly chilling cooked foods in either bulk or plated meals.
  • We offer retherm cabinets and combi ovens for bring the food (either plated or bulk) back up to serving temperatures.

Any way you decide to use Cook-Chill in your facility there is an Alto-Shaam solution available. If you have any questions just let us know.