Ordering Procedures You Can Trust

Tammy Hutchison

Ah!  Purchase Orders!  You send them in to Miller & Associates and then the equipment appears at the ship to address, right?  That is what we are aiming for with as few issues along the way as possible!

In order to achieve that goal, we really try to take care when processing each order, no matter how large or small.  We know that it means the opening of a restaurant or school children having lunch or a hospital feeding patients, among countless other scenarios, and that does matter to us!

When we first receive your order, it is logged in and appears “open” until it is sent to the factory, so we do have a visual if it hasn’t been processed yet.  We process each PO as timely as we can.  We check to see if there is a quotation to match the order and if so, we check what was ordered against that quotation and the spec.  This helps correct any problems at the beginning and not after equipment has been built.  We check pricing / discount and adjust for you if you didn’t take enough off and contact you if we feel there is a problem that will hold up your order at the factory.  We work to give the factory all needed information, so your order may be processed there without further delay.  When the sales order acknowledgement is sent, we check the PO against the SO and then again at Invoice to make sure all is still as expected.  If there are any issues or changes needed after the order has been placed, we work with you to make sure that is taken care of so the finished product is what you need.

There are things you can do to help expedite the review / processing procedure.  Please put the job name on the purchase order.  That helps us locate a quotation or correspondence from your Sales Rep regarding that particular order.  Note any special background information on any variance from standard so we can pass that information on to the factory.  If you have special pricing, please send that quote or correspondence in with your order to save time.  Send all purchase orders to orders@millerequip.com so they will be logged and processed (even if someone is out of the office – that site is monitored all throughout each day).

We want to be the best “partner” you could have in the foodservice industry.  Our relationship with you is very important to us.  We look forward to your business in 2015 and the years to follow!