Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. had its beginnings in the case and cooler business in Bally, PA, when “iceboxes” were literally cooled by blocks of ice. We introduced the use of insulated refrigerated structures over seventy five years ago and continue to remain faithful to our tradition of innovation with superior products including:

  • Walk-in Coolers and Freezers
  • Adapt-A-Doors
  • Refrigerated Buildings
  • Modular Structures
  • Blast Chillers
  • Mortuary Coolers
  • Refrigeration Products
  • Replacement Parts

We pioneered the use of non-ozone depleting panels that reduce ozone damage by 90 percent, and were the first to receive FM Class I and UL listings. Through our many developments, we’ve continued to rely on the outstanding fundamentals of our product line, features like these that set us apart:

Premium insulation. Bally’s foamed-in-place, non ozone-depleting urethane insulation is one of the best commercially available on the market. The foam uses a low pressure expanding agent that produces 98% closed-cell insulation; maintaining its exact thickness and precise edges while performing through a range of temperatures from -90°F (-67.7°C) to 212°F (100°C).

Fast, easy assembly. Our precisely formed, lightweight panels are available in 4”, 5″ or 6″ thicknesses. The Bally Speed-Lok joining system allows our Walk-Ins and Refrigerated Buildings to be quickly and easily transported and assembled whether indoors or out.

Refrigeration Systems. Bally Refrigeration Products provide a number of pre-assembled and remote refrigeration units designed to fit specific installations. They are available in varied configurations, mounting styles, capacities, and voltages. Each component of our refrigeration system is configured so it has the correct size, power and capacity for its Bally structure.