Cooking Grilled Cheese in a Combination Oven?

Chef Tug Toler

Besides flavor, why do we add fat to grilled cheese? If you haven’t heard me ask this question before, it isn’t the most common response, “for crunchy texture”. Think about it, what happens to bread when you put it into a toaster… you get that crunchy texture! We put fat (butter, oil, spray, etc) on grilled cheese because we need to delay the sugars in the bread from browning, so we can melt the cheese in time.

The reason you want to use a combi for grilled cheese, and in ours it’s 100% moisture, is the power of steam to help melt that cheese inside the sandwich. That steam has much more energy to transfer than just dry air. In a combi, grilled cheese will come out with very little cheese on the sheet pan, yet a crunchy, browned, and soft bread slices. It’s really very impressive.

Start with a room temperature pan, spray the pan liberally. Preheat your combi oven to 375° and build the sandwiches on the sprayed sheet pan and before putting them into the oven, spray the tops of the sandwiches and cook them at 375° in combi mode, 50%-100% steam for 5-7 minutes. The sandwiches should be nice and brown on the tops as well as the bottom, without turning or flipping them half way through the cook. Enjoy!

Chef Tug Toler
Miller & Associates